izzie, 19, portland, or; denver, co. postdrome princess with a soft spot for cinematography and shrimp curry. live long and get some ya bisshhh

dwayne johnson, paper, scissors

Tooth Fairy ft/ Anton Yelchin; photographed by Dan Monick for V Magazine

my hairdresser is convinced t and i are going to get married saying like “oh yeah when you’re what 21-22?” like HA HAAA nooo not getting married in 3 years idk if we’re even together now nonetheless then and WOW so much life to live when i’m that age there is no way i’m marrying someone then even if it seems like the right guy 

Castration of The Strawberry Roan by Dick Foran & The Sons of the Pioneers (1943)

Only song that matters.

Antarctica, 74°46’22.6”S 162°47’43.5”E


Why Did I Do That?: A novel by me, with special guest appearances by several alcoholic beverages